Paul Ricoeur (1913 – 2005)

Notice of the death of Paul Ricoeur, Friday, May 20, 2005
Le Monde articles
The Course of Recognition
announcement of the English translation from Harvard, scheduled for Dec. 2005
of Parcours de la reconnaissance
Ricoeur's other recent major work:
Memory, History, Forgetting (Univ. of Chicago Press) (with overview and table of contents)
Ricoeur, La Mémoire, l'Histoire, L'Oubli
Published Sept. 8, 2000 by Editions du Seuil. 676 pages of text and indices. The FrenchTable of Contents of the book.
magazine littéraire No 390 september 2000
The French literary magazine gives a very good overview of his work and includes a previously unpublished conference on "L'universel et l'historique" given in Moscow on April 1, 1996. Some material is accessible on the magazine's web site, including
Le voyage philosophique de Paul Ricoeur
Par Frédéric Martel

but the magazine itself has more, about 50 pages altogether on Ricoeur in short appreciations by authors such as Starobinski and Charles Taylor, as well as a review of the new book by Olivier Mongin.
Esprit : Les historiens et le travail de mémoire
The journal has published many articles of Ricoeur through the years. The theme of the August-September 2000 Esprit treated some of the themes of Ricoeur's recent book and includes excerpts of Ricoeur's new book. There is an article of Ricoeur in the issue "Face à l'événement New York 2001" and in No. 292 February 2003 on "Paul Apôtre. Proclamation et argumentation."
Paul Ricoeur
The online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Ricoeur
Paul Ricoeur
the online Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on Ricoeur
P. Ricoeur. Bibliographie primaire et secondaire. 1935–2000
F. D. Vansina has revised the Ricoeur Bibliography in a new edition, published by Peters in Leuven [No link]
Laudatio for Paul Ricoeur
on receiving the Balzan Foundation Prize for Philosophy, 1999
Synthèse Panoramique
the paper given by Ricoeur on receiving the Balzan Foundation Prize
Citation for the 2000 Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy
awared to Ricoeur: in effect, a one-page interpretation of Ricoeur's oeuvre
Paul Ricoeur: A Hermeneutical Theologian
(from the Dictionary of Modern Religious Thought, Boston University)
(This web editor (Peter Kenny) would disagree with the title of this description: Ricoeur would avoid being labelled a theologian. He would prefer being called a philosopher whose themes may sometimes be motivated by his religious convictions, but who also strives to philosophize without religious presuppositions in his argumentation). The article covers some of the main themes in Ricoeur but is a rough sketch.
Paul Ricoeur
A French electronic article from the L'Encylopedie de L'Agora with references
Between Life and Reflection
The text of a conference in French given by Ricoeur at the University of Barcelona in 2001, giving an overview of his philosphical journey.
from Ricoeur's 'Time and Narrative' to 'Oneself as an Other' by Maria Villela-Petit
Paul Ricoeur
a brief overview in German of Ricoeur's hermeneutical position from a site on hermeneutics at the Uni Essen
The Polysemy of Otherness: On Ricoeur's Oneself as Another
a reflection from David Vessey

Paul Ricoeur's Interpretation Theory a research guide

The Hermeneutic Arc: Ricoeur's Theory of Interpretation
from the MIT on-line hermeneutics course
Ricoeur and Hermeneutics
An overview, with a long quote from The Blackwell Companion to the Philosophers,from the International Institute for Philosophical Consulting (!) site
Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion
A Brief Overview and Critique by G. D. Robinson
Review of Thinking Biblically: Exegetical and Hermeneutical Studies
from Robert Wilkin
the encyclopedia entry on Ricoeur from the Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexicon. In German and, as the title suggests, with an extensive bibliography
Paul Ricoeur en décembre 1997
An overview in French of lectures and interviews of Ricoeur in 1997 and January 1998.
Critique and Conviction
A description of the book from the publisher, Columbia University Press
Paul Ricoeur and Narrative: Context and Contestation edited by Morny Joy
a description of a recent book on Ricoeur from the University of Calgary
What Makes Us Think? A Neuroscientist and a Philosopher Argue about Ethics, Human Nature, and the Brain
by Jean-Pierre Changeux and Paul Ricoeur
a chapter from the book on the publisher's website
Ricoeur receives Paul VI award
a report on Ricoeur receiving the Paul VI award in July 2003
Arts, langage et herméneutique esthétique. Entretien avec Paul Ricoeur Première partie
Deuxième partie
A French interview with Jean-Marie Brohm and Magali Uhl (September 20, 1996, in Paris)
Paul Ricœur par Daniel Bermond Juin 1998
An interview in French with Ricoeur at the time of the publication of Penser la Bible
Paul Ricœur par Jean Blain
An interview in French on the Lire website after the publication of La mémoire, l'histoire, l'oubli
Paul Ricoeur's Schema of Existence
a short quote from "The Hermeneutics of Symbols and Philosophical Reflection", collated by George P. Landow
Arts, Language and Hermeneutic Aesthetics” (herméneutique esthétique)
Interview with Paul Ricoeur (translated into English)
Towards a Creative Hermeneutic of Suspicion: Recovering Ricoeur's Intervention in the Gadamer-Habermas Debate
a paper from Purushottama Bilimoria
Thinking Time: Ricoeur's Husserl in Time and Narrative
an essay by Jane Chamberlain
Ricoeur and Merleau-Ponty on Narrative Identity
a paper from Marc S. Muldoon
Sources and Implications in Paul Ricoeur's Ideology Concept
a paper from Marcelo Felix Tura
a book review in French by Roger-Pol Droit , originally in Le Monde
Paul Ricoeur La constitucion narrativa de la identidad personal
An article in Spanish by Eduardo Casarotti on Ricoeur and narrative idenity
Éthique et responsabilité -- Paul Ricoeur, textes réunis par J.-Ch. Aeschlimann
a review in French by Daniel Desroches
Entretien avec le philosophe Paul Ricoeur, sur l'Europe, la science et Dieu
An interview in French from the journal Construire from 1997
A conversation with Paul Ricoeur
Ricoeur gives his reflections on his experiences on visiting the Taizé community
QUO VADIS ? Un entretien avec Paul Ricoeur par Yvanka B. Raynova
an interview in French from 1993 and published in French in 2000
La "camera oscura" della vita
an Italian interview in L'Unita, Nov. 18, 1999 with Ricoeur by Giancarlo Bosetti
an Italian interview (translation from the French?) in Avvenire conducted by BERTRAND REVILLON. ("Gli chiediamo: come pensare i rapporti della fede e della ragione? Come fondare oggigiorno la morale?")
Paul Ricoeur
an overview in German
Ricoeur et la pensée de l’histoire: Entre temps et mémoire
An essay in French by Domenico Jervolino found on the Labyrinth website
Paul Ricoeur
a site in French (not much material at the moment) which will attempt to provide help for students with interest in Ricoeur
Une herméneutique critique de la culture
an essay from Serge Cantin on Fernand Dumont and Paul Ricoeur
CONVERSAZIONI CORPO A CORPO La filosofia di Paul Ricoeur e la scienza di Jean-Pierre Changeaux
an Italian discussion from Domenico Jervolino in il manifesto
"Hans-Georg Gadamer: l'ingresso nell'ermeneutica attraverso l'estetica"
an short Italian article by Ricoeur (or a summary of a Ricoeur lecture) on Gadamer's entry into the hermeneutical discussion through aesthetics

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