David Tracy (1939-)

"Conversation is a game with some hard rules: say only what you mean; say it as accurately as you can; listen to and respect what the other says, however different or other; be willing to correct or defend your opinions if challenged by the conversation partner; be willing to argue if necessary, to confront if demanded, to endure necessary conflict, to change your mind if the evidence suggests it."
Plurality and Ambiguity, p. 19.

David Tracy
(University of Chicago faculty description)
This Side of God
An interesting 2002 Interview with Tracy in Cross Currents conducted by Scott Holland covering some changes in his recent work
Talking About God: Doing Theology in the Context of Modern Pluralism by David Tracy and John B. Cobb, Jr.
Links to the text of this book of 1983 on the religion-online web site
God, Dialogue and Solidarity: A Theologian's Refrain
an essay by Tracy
An Interview with David Tracy
conducted by Lois Malcom and published in Feb. 2002 and now found on Religion Online
Defending the Public Character of Theology
an article of Tracy from 1981 in the Christian Century
Theology as Public Discourse
a 1975 article (around the time of Blessed Rage for Order originally in The Christian Century and now found on Religion Online
Two Cheers for Thomas Aquinas
an article from 1974 in the Christian Century
David Tracy
from the Dictionary of Modern Western Thought (BU); also:
David Tracy and the New Chicago School: Mann's Quick Notes
An outline of David Tracy's lectures with a brief bio and bibliography
God is Love: The Central Christian Metaphor
A Sermon by David Tracy


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