Edward Schillebeeckx (1914 – )

Stichting Edward Schillebeeckx
The Edward Schillebeeckx Foundation (in English and Dutch, hosted by the University of Nijmegen) which also has Focal Points in the Life and Work of Schillebeeckx and a page for the Bibliography of Schillebeekx. Here there are links to Ted Schoof's Bibliography of Schillebeekx's writings (an Adobe Acrobat file with lots of English) including a second link to the 2003 update with corrections and additions since the original 1996 bibliography
as well as a Bibliography of secondary work on Schillebeeckx
Feast of the Blessed Sacrament or ‘Corpus Christi’ (Luke 9:11b-17)
a 1998 Sermon of Schillebeeckx
"Thomas Aquinas: Servant of the Word"
a Sermon of Schillebeeckx from the Schillebeeckx Reader
Dominican Spirituality or The "Counter-Thread" in the Old Religious Story as The Golden Thread in the Dominican Family-Story
an article by Schillebeeckx taken from the March, May and August, 1975 issues of Dominican Topics in South Africa.
Wahres Menschsein und Gottes Ehre
a video interview with Schillebeeckx in German from March 2003, available through downloadable Real Audio files. If you know German and have audio speakers hooked up to a modern computer, this is impressive.
"All Humanity is the Elect People of God" -- an interview with Schillebeeckx
"This interview from May 1997 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web, www.DiePresse.at." (whose German link has been dropped or moved)
a David Levine caricature of Schillebeeckx
from the New York Review of Books
Quo Vadis, Wojtyla?
a New York Review of Books article by Thomas Sheehan discusses books on the Vatican's treatment of Küng and Schillebeeckx
Critical Remembrance and Eschatological Hope in Edward Schillebeeckx's Theology of Suffering for Others
an abstract of an article in the Heythrop Journal on this theme by Elizabeth K. Tillar (full text also available for purchase)
Christian Ministry in Light of Schillebeeckx's Theology of Grace
a 1982 article by Edward van Merrienboer from Spirituality Today
Schillebeeckx's Jesus and Christ -- Contributions to Christian Life
a 1982 article by Benedict T. Viviano from Spirituality Today
Edward Schillebeeckx: A Theologian in His History
a one page overview of Erik Borgman's book on Schillebeeckx (Part 1)
The Language of Dissent Edward Schillebeeckx on the Crisis of Authority in the Catholic Church
a description of Daniel Thompson's well-thought of book on Schillebeeckx from the publisher's site (University of Notre Dame Press)
Die Entwicklung des Offenbarungsverständnisses von Edward Schillebeeckx und dessen Konsequenzen für seine Kirchenverständnis
A German dissertation by Adrianus Sunarko OFM at the University of Freiburg available as PDF
VOOR MEDEMENS OF GOD ? Zin en onzin rond 'de werken van barmhartigheid'
an article in Dutch from Schillebeeckx in the review TGL
Review of The Church With a Human Face: A New and Expanded Theology of Ministry
a review by Bernard Cooke in Theology Today


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