Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-)

Wolfhart Pannenberg
from the Dictionary of Modern Western Theology
"Modern Cosmology: God and the Resurrection of the Dead"
an article from Professor Wolfhart Pannenberg
Lutherans and episcopacy
Wolfhart Pannenberg
God’s Presence in History
an article by Pannenberg originally from the Christian Century
The Pope in Germany
Wolfhart Pannenberg (1996)
Christianity and the West: Ambiguous Past, Uncertain Future
Wolfhart Pannenberg
When Everything is Permitted
Wolfhart Pannenberg (1998)
How to Think About Secularism
Wolfhart Pannenberg (1996)
An Old/New Theology of History
an article on Pannenberg by Richard Lischer
Review of Pannenberg's Systematic Theology: Volume 2
Reviewed by Robert W. Jenson
Catholic and Evangelical? A Review of Systematic Theology: Volume 3
Reviewed by Robert W. Jenson
Pannenberg on Marxism: Insights and Generalizations
by Stanley J. Grenz
Wolfhart Pannenberg's Quest for Ultimate Truth
by Stanley J. Grenz
Pannenberg on Providence
a discussion thread
Pannenberg Jousts with the World Council of Churches
an article from Richard John Neuhaus in 1982


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