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General Liturgical Sites:

Catholic Liturgy

Liturgy sites.
* * * a great starting point with rich links, compiled by the Benedictines
Notre Dame Center for Liturgy
the website of a major university liturgy program with bibliographies and good links

Catholic Liturgy
Liturgy Office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
Lectio Divina
United States Bishops' Conference Liturgy Section
Liturgy section of the "Theology Library"

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Lift up Your Hearts  * * *
a Canadian Evangelical Lutheran site  "The collection of links emphasizes worship and liturgy resources of a practical nature in the context of contemporary scholarship and ecumenical wisdom in matters liturgical."

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National Centre for Liturgy
The National Centre for Liturgy at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth
An Anglican Liturgical Library
a site with many resources including a page from the Church of England with Authorized Services, Recommended Services and liturgical revision
The Book of Common Prayer
Perhaps the most complete site on this important work
Liturgical Resources of the Church of England
a site edited by Fr. Simon Rundell
Church of Ireland liturgical resources

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Greek Orthodox liturgy
Greek Orthodox broadcast liturgies

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The Moravian Daily Texts

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A site for the Liturgy of the Hours

Practical Liturgical Guides

Some practical advice in matters liturgical which should, of course, be adapted to the local situation . . .

The Ministry of Lector
some reflections from Peter Kenny
Lector Preparation / Lector's Notes
a site with helpful background and comments on the lectionary readings
Pronouncing Biblical Words
both phonetically and with sound files
"Gather Faithfully Together" A Guide for Sunday Mass
reflections on Sunday Eucharist from Cardinal Roger Mahony Archbishop of Los Angeles
The Eucharist as a Key to Pastoral Care and Renewal in the Church
an essay by Keith Howard McIlwain (United Methodist tradition)
Preparing "the Three" of the Triduum
reflections from Rev. Thomas B. Iwanowski (PDF format)
Lent and the Triduum
suggestions from Liturgy Office of the R. C. Diocese of Kingston, Ontario
Resource articles
A list of interesting resource articles on pastoral liturgy at the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (US) website
Liturgy as Contemplation from Frank C. Quinn OP
Preliminary Syllabus for the Formation of Church Musicians
a booklet prepared by the Church Music Committee of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: Roman Catholic Liturgical Music in the United States since Vatican II
Fr. Jan Michael Joncas giving the Archbishop Gerety Lecture at Seton Hall University, October 17, 1997
Singing the Mass
A helpful guide from the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales
Posture and Prayer
from Frank C. Quinn OP (discusses standing and kneeling at Mass)
Liturgy and Common Ground
an article by Rembert G. Weakland from America magzine

Lectionary Discussion (Roman Catholic)

The Roman Catholic Lectionary Website
from Fr. Felix Just, S.J. and offers a great deal of material on the lectionary, both practical and historical
Readings and Psalms for the Month
Lectionary readings for the Catholic lectionary, organized by month using the New American Bible translation
An Introduction to the Second Edition of the Lectionary for Mass
from the Committee on the Liturgy of the United States Catholic Conference
The Roman Lectionary and the Scriptures Read in Church
from Frank C. Quinn OP
Women in the Bible and the Lectionary
by Ruth Fox, OSB

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{music notes}

Hymns and Music (most in public domain)

Lift Up Your Hearts ~ 7
a subsection covering "sites devoted to Church Music and the Kinetic Arts" ***
Liturgical Music sites   
from the Clemens and Alcuin libraries
National Association of Pastoral Musicians
[U.S.] // good planning section, also worth checking their "Pastoral Music links" to publishers, music associations, etc.
Music in Catholic Worship
a document from the United States Bishops' Conference
The Society of St. Gregory
check out the liturgy planner for music suggestions
"Music for Church Worship " A site with music (sheet and MIDI), articles, and practical advice from David Lee (starting from the Anglican tradtion)
Abbey of Solemnes
an attractive source of both the theory and music of Gregorian chant

The Gregorian Chant home page
Cantus  A Database for Gregorian Chant
another Gregorian Chant  page

Anglican Church Music
"This site aims to be a central source of information for Anglican and Episcopal church music, with resources for church musicians, singers, congregation members, or anyone who enjoys this kind of music."
The Oremus Hymnal
Contains hymns and texts from many Anglican hymnals with nice sounding organ midi files for many. * *
Hymn page
from the DMOZ open directory project *
Christian Music Resource list
from Graham Sivills
Religious Midi links
(includes the Baptism Hymnal, The Lutheran Hymnal and more)
The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project
a Lutheran Hymnal
Featuring MIDI hymn and psalm tunes from The United Methodist Hymnal, 1989 Edition

The Cyber Hymnal

The Electronic Hymnal

Christian Midi Files * *
from the Rev. Paul McClain. Contains a very large list of links to religious midi sites
Songs of Praise
religious songs and hymns in very many languages and formats
Catholic Music Network
a commerical site with a large range of Catholic music
Christian Midi Hymns
from Kevin Crowell

Hymns, Gospel Songs & Spirituals

Eastern Catholic Liturgical Music

some hymns in public domain

CCEL hymn collection


Hymnal treasures list: MIDI less tinny than others

Contemporary Christian Music Megasite

Traditional Catholic Midi Files "Old Hymns, Gregorian Chants and more" That's Traditional with a capital "T"; contains a quite large collection of midi hymns, most with lyrics. Slow loading pages

Standard MIDI Files on the Net
"The Most Complete & Best-Maintained List of Sites with MIDI Files Well Over 30,000 Unique Links"
The Classical Musici Archives
"The Classical Archives is the largest classical music site on the web: 37,777 full length classical music files by 2,018 composers. Files are offered in several formats: live recordings in WMA and MP3, and in MIDI synthesized sequences" -- high quality versions requires membership
Wedding Music guidelines
RC Wedding music guidelines
from the Archdiocese of Santa Fe
Guideline for Wedding Music
from the Diocese of San Diego (PDF)
Guidelines for the Ministry of Music
a PDF file from the RC Dioces of Venice Florida

additional resources in Ireland :

Irish Music
Some MIDI files and links to Irish music and musicians
Ancient Music of Ireland
a site devoted to ancient Irish music, with MIDI files and good links
Concludng Thoughts
"Catechetics is remedial liturgy."
A profound insight into the importance of good liturgy that I learned from the catechist Christiane Brusselmanns, herself quoting one of her French teachers on catechetics
On the difference between pastoral liturgists and other types of liturgists:
"What is the difference between a liturgist and a terrorist?
Well, sometimes, at least, you get to negotiate with a terrorist."


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