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Journals & Newspapers of Theological or Pastoral Interest:-- where links are given, one can usually browse the contents of the current issue and/or receive subscription information. Other theological journal links gratefully received.

(See also the Moral/Ethics section of this site for some ethics journals)
Online Theology-Related Periodicals
from the Internet Theology Resources at the Clemens and Alcuin Libraries
Online Journals
Another list focusing on journals that have articles "of biblical interest that are either published fully on the Web or that have home pages" from Biblical Studies on the Web
Religious & Theological Abstracts
a great resource for finding articles and abstracts of these articles from a wide range of theological journals. Found in many libraries, one can also buy a subscription or a CD-Rom version or test the service on the website (evaluation search limited to 5 found abstracts)

Some Journals:

America magazine

Christianity Today

The Church Times

Cross Currents

Doctrine and Life

First Things

The Furrow

Harvard Theological Review

The Heythrop Journal

{Irish Theological Quarterly}

Josephinum Journal of Theology

Journal of the American Academy of Religion

Journal for Christian Theological Research

Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Journal of Islamic Studies

Journal of Semitic Studies

The Journal of Religion

Journal of Religious Ethics

The Journal of Theological Studies

Laval théologique et philosophique

Literature and Theology


The Messenger

Milltown Studies

Modern Judaism

The National Catholic Reporter

The Christian Herald

Presbyterian Herald

Quarterly Review (United Methodist)

The Scottish Journal of Theology

Studies an Irish Quarterly Review



The Tablet

Theological Studies


Theology Today

The Thomist


Libraries with good theological or philosophical collections:

Libweb Library Servers via WWW
a world-wide listing of library servers accessible via the Web. A good place to start when searching for library information * * *

The Internet Public Library  **

Library Catalogues / Archival Collections
of theology and religion
Theological Research and Exchange Network
A library of 6,400 theological theses and dissertation titles from American and Canadian theological schools
Theolodi: Documentation of Theological and Interdisciplinary Literature
A search engine site sponsored by the Univ. of Innsbruck (in English); its databases are quite helpful but not complete
The Documentation Center of the University of Tübingen Library
*** This library is a documentation center for theology among German universities. This outstanding resource allows one to order a copy of a journal article by mail, fax or on-line for a nominal amount
The U.S. Library of Congress
a massive resource for many things
"unified access to the catalogues of some of the largest university research libraries in the UK and Ireland" (just Trinity in Ireland)
Trinity College, the University of Dublin
has a searchable on-line catalogue
Marsh's Library
has an historical collection

St. Patrick's College, Maynooth

the Milltown Institute

University College, Dublin

Libraries on the Web ... Ireland
a listing of Irish libraries accessible on the web, as known to the Berkeley library catalogue site
Irish Academic Library Catalogues
a helpful page of links and login requirements, compiled at St. Patrick's Maynooth Library

the Irish School of Ecumenics has a small library pertaining to ecumenism and peace studies, located on the Milltown Campus

The Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

The Karl Barth Memorial Newspaper Links:

Online Newspapers
throughout the world from the Internet Public Library
Media on the Web
find a newspaper or other media using search boxes
for serious newspaper searching. On the same site as above, this starts with links to the country or region where you want to find media.
Worldwide News
a set of links to world newpapers and other media and press releases on the NISS site
Some Irish Newspapers:
The Belfast Telegraph The Examiner
Ireland Today The Irish Independent

The Irish Catholic

The Irish News The Irish Times
The Munster Express The Sunday Business Post
The Sunday Tribune other Irish newspapers links

L' Osservatore Romano
the weekly English edition
The Church of England Newspaper
The Church of England Newspaper online

Religion News Service

Other Media and Miscellaneous

The Encyclopedia Britannica
is now searchable on-line and is a great resource
*** online access to 800 dictionaries in over 200 languages (i.e., general dictionaries, technical dictionaries). The home page has a quick English word lookup and thesaurus
An online dictionary and search engine to help explain computer and Internet technology.
Not only an authoritative voice, but a useful website with their BBC news section and a section on religion.
"The Website of Ireland's National Broadcaster"
CNN News
more than just disasters! Has some good in-depth features on occasion
Religious Calendar
on the Public Broadcasting System (U.S.) site

The National Archives of Ireland

a site sponsored by the Irish Times with a broad range of information
CELT (Corpus of Electronic Texts)
Resources for research in Irish Studies
The Irish Web Server Map
has extensive (though not complete) links to Irish sites in a Yahoo-like directory style
The Irish Government website
also has useful links to semi-states and euro-bodies
Heritage of Ireland
to learn more about heritage and archeological sites, say the Gallarus Oratory or St. Mary's Abbey
Irish Archaeology on the Internet
Ireland at a glance
a rich and varied collection of Irish links
an interesting mixture of commercial and informative material
an Irish portal site
Fios Feasa
Irish Interactive Multimedia. They have also produced a bible in Irish on CD.
Society for the Study of Nineteenth-Century Ireland


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