What Is Theology Theology is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as the study of the nature of God and religious belief. Theology is the attempt of followers of a faith to represent their statements of belief consistently, to clarify them out of the foundations of their faith, and to assign to such statements their place in the world and their spiritual processes. Theology is a scientific approach with four aims: 1. To gather facts about God (e.g., Who is God?) 2. To discover or understand God (e.g., What does God expect from us?) 3. To make a point about God 4. To justify a behaviour or dispel an untruth about God Whilst no one can be entirely objective in making sense of the universe around them, the stating of perceptions gives others the chance to understand the point being made with the available evidence. Why is Theology Important? Theology brings clarification. Theology is not a settled issue of firmly established facts. Theology is theory, and like theory in science, always alive and developing. In the early Christian Church for example, questions arose that needed answers including the question of who precisely, was Jesus? Was he really God?