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Ireland has a long and fascinating theological history. Here at you can find out more about religion in Ireland and gain a greater understanding of the Catholic faith that is so vital to the culture of the country.
This site aims to help you to discover some of the country's most important churches and cathedrals that embody the deep spiritual nature of Ireland's religious heritage. Ireland is home to countless beautiful religious places and this website has a mission to bring you closer to these key religious sites, from the remote Dunlewy Church in Donegal to the impressive medieval St Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. We help you to explore these religious sites and to discover how these important buildings have been instrumental through the ages, playing a major role in the practice of Irish religion. also gives you essential information about religious tradition in Ireland and the many key moments that are celebrated to this day within the Catholic faith. We bring an insight into ceremonies like the First Holy Communion, Baptism and Confirmation as well as the traditional Irish wedding celebration.
Ireland has become one of the world's most popular wedding destinations, and if you are one of the couples who dream of tying the knot in this stunning country we can help to bring you an insight into the traditions and religious beliefs behind the Irish Catholic wedding ceremony. We help you to discover the best churches in Ireland to hold your ceremony, and give you the lowdown on what the Catholic sacrament of marriage involves. For couples where one party is Catholic and the other is not, this is an invaluable resource with guidelines about what to expect. We even bring you unique and unusual gift suggestions to make sure your wedding day in Ireland is perfect.

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The website has been designed to raise the profile of religion in Ireland and to encourage everyone to find out more about the country and its faith. Theology is an important subject to study for people from all walks of life. It encourages everyone to ask questions and to seek for answers about the nature of religion and God Himself. Through this website, we aim to help our visitors to gather more information about faith in Ireland and to gain a greater understanding of the way in which Catholicism has guided the lives of the Irish people through the ages.

Interesting Facts About Theology and Religion in Ireland

The main religion in the Republic of Ireland is Roman Catholicism, with 91% of the population practising this faith. The other 9% are primarily Jewish and Protestant with some Muslims and other world faiths making up the remainder.

Most cities have only one cathedral, however Dublin has three. St Patrick's cathedral is the oldest, having been established in the middle ages at the spot where the saint himself was set to have baptised the early Christians. Later on, Christ Church Cathedral was built and finally St Mary's Pro-Cathedral which was completed in 1825.
In Irish wedding ceremonies, it is very common for the bride to receive a traditional Claddagh Ring. This ring is worn facing outwards before the wedding and then turned to face inwards after the ceremony to indicate that the wearer is now married. This famous symbol of Ireland is strongly linked to romance and marriage.

One of the most unusual churches in Ireland is the Gallarus Oratory in County Kerry. This unique building is in the shape of an upside down boat and was a place where the early Christians worshipped. Today it is still in perfect condition and one of the most amazing places to visit to gain a greater insight into spirituality in Ireland.

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Marcus Fitzpatrick is an Irish historian from Donegal with a specific interest in the history of Irish religion. His love of visiting ancient churches led to him returning to education twenty years after obtaining his degree in history from the University of Limerick to take a Masters degree in Theological Studies at Trinity College in Dublin. He now lives in Cork and is currently writing a book about the history of Ireland's most remote churches and is one of the primary contributors to this site.
Catherine O'Connor is a mum of two teenage boys and a religious education teacher at a Catholic school in Cork. She enjoys nothing more than an in-depth theological discussion and is a practising Catholic, attending her local church every Sunday. She is an active member of the church choir and participates in the church's local history society which was where she met Marcus after attending one of his lectures. She was delighted to be asked to contribute to this website and specialises in writing about Catholic ceremonies and traditions.
Bridget Murphy was born and raised in Kilkenny before moving to Cork ten years ago to work as a wedding planner. Married with three young daughters, she works part time from home organising dream ceremonies for couples who want to get married in Ireland. She offers her expertise in the Irish wedding industry to the website offering advice about the best locations for ceremonies and what couples can expect from an Irish Catholic wedding service.